Rory Clifford
Design Practice
Rory Clifford
Design Practice
The fire dances around the stone.
A second flame, more yellow in colour, appears and disappears not far from the first.
Flickering, this second wisp snakes towards the stone and as it does, the fire makes larger circles to meet it.
With each arc, the two flames lick at each others phantom edges and when touching, the edges turn white outlined with blue and purple.
Suddenly the snaking tendril flame surges forward. Fire and flame fuse together and the amber glow shifts brighter, swirling and rippling, pinkish vapors trailing off its waves.
The jolting, stuttering whirl of flame begins to slow and a bubbling miasma of colour settles around the top of the silent stone. Only the fire rumbles. Low and stirring.
The fire, now a floating pool of pink-edged white, looks as if whispering something to the stone. Its feather-light touch cause tiny, multi-coloured streams to seep away.
The stone, like broad knot of pumice, pulls in the brilliant mist.
With its secrets shared, locked away in malformed obelisk, the fire coils upwards and, acknowledging an unseen sphere begins it flowing pattern again. And so...

Rory Clifford is a designer based in Salford (UK) working across different media, mainly in the fields of art and culture. Currently works on the design team for Factory International. Experience working for different arts organisations helping to shape their identity through print and digital design across their marketing activity. Independently creates small bespoke websites for artists and cultural interests.

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Studio 309
Islington Mill
Salford, M3 5HW

Worked with/for Bound Art Book Fair, SEEN Magazine, Taxi Cab Industries, Matt Retallick, Emily Ashcroft, Casper Kent, Katie Tomlinson, Balraj Samrai, The Turnpike CIC, Jenny Eden, Cherche Encore, Claire Dorsett, Jack Eden, Wild Rumpus CIC.