Emily Ashcroft
An identity refix for freelance photographer.

Emily Ashcroft is a freelance photographer based in Manchester, UK whose work is based in fashion, streetwear and editorial portraits. Her clients are modelling agencies around Manchester, young fashion graduates and Japanese fashion publications. Her original logo was a hand-drawn bubble font that took its cue from Glossier's stickers and Sneeze magazine's own marketing, however Emily wanted to update and re-focus her branding towards the Asian market, particularly Japan.

Based on this, research into Japanese display fonts produced inline-styled bubble face, Peach Boy, by enigmatic designer Hayao Idehara. The font is based in Hiragana has tubular shapes the curl around each other to create a 2.5D effect. The final logomark has been re-drawn in the Roman alphabet in Idehara's style, spelling out her full name and can applied in numerous ways, for decoration or creating a abbreviated version of her name. Final colour selection is pink, black and white which slots her work neatly into the visual language of Japanese pop-culture.

I switched her portfolio from the outdated content platform, Indexhibit, to a new design built on top of Craft CMS. Each project outputs a thumbnail on the homepage with each project gallery featuring images which snap to the full width and height of the browser allowing Ashcroft's work to be displayed to full effect.