Final Undergraduate project, for submission at the University of Salford. The publication explored much of the writing and research done in to the inherent limitations to speculative design/speculative everything/speculative anything.

The project was initially going to be about imagining Manchester city centre in the future but it soon became apparent that the means of showing-and-telling was too literal and unnecessary a method of formulating a self-directed project. Instead I chose to rework some digital drawings I had been working on and place them alongside a string of text-based ideas which had been growing since the beginning of the project.

The text elements only loosely follow the theme of the future, or to be more specific, how to talk about, discuss, write about the future. Language limits us, speculation seems to condemn us(imagined horrors, uncanny unknowns). Some writing is a presented as a fictitious narrative, others are personal musings, some describe that which is unknowable but not improbable. The piece was an exploration and amalgamation of research in to critiques of critical design (to be determined), science/speculative fiction as something to celebrate/rail against/study/search for and how these (speculative) ideas which are fully realised and explicit in their being tend to strip them of the title of 'speculative' and become manifest.

A4, saddle stitched (hand stitched)
Risograph, 2 colour
Cyclus Offset Recycled 100gsm (inner)
Cyclus Offset Recycled 170gsm (covee)
Typefaces: Linotype Futura, Calluna